Saturday, April 20, 2013

Posted version 0.0.8 of source

Today I Posted a Controller update, version 0.0.8 (See the Source Code tab in the Files section above).  Some major changes for this revision include:

  • Support for TLE5206-2 as well as TLE5205-2 H-Bridge.  (TLE5206-2 is prefer part, but may be more difficult to locate)
  • PID Lite for all PWM influencing parameters, improved stability.
  • Additional FAULT checks for lugging
  • Added persistence to throttle management, will raise quickly, but lower slowly in response to changing watts load. To better handle large cycling DC loads (ala dryer heating elements) during final stages of charging.
  • Do PWM pacing (ramping) anytime there is a large PWM change UP needed.  (As opposed to only during RAMP phase).  Gentler on belts and system, and allows for Engine RPM increases to stay ahead of PWM (and hence load) increases

 The major change here is the inclusion of the PID-Lite type capabilities, were we look not only at the NOW  errors, but also the trends when calculating PWM values.  The TLE5205/6 selectors will allow you to build this using the 'better??') TLE5206, or the more available TLE5205 (See here for more details:

Much of the rest of the work I have been doing is around managing the throttle during changing load conditions, notable when the Alternator is in Acceptance phase delivering only a few Amps (ala 40 or so), and a large load is placed on the system.  In our case, we have noticed this with the Dryer as it cycles its heating element on and off.  

Bot will also say, with this version I think it is getting very stable.  Will continue to look for corner cases, and perhaps take a stab at making sure the Config #defiens are in a good order, maybe pulling them into the separate #include file.

Till then, we will be enjoying this new Smart Generator controller and Alternator Regulator!

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