Sunday, April 21, 2013

Controller v0.0.9 posted

Kind of embarrassing  but there was a major error in v0.0.8 source that prevented throttle management at lighter loads.  The impact caused the engine to run at Full throttle at all times and never throttling down.  Great for dealing with those cycling loads during late Acceptance phase, but not what I wanted.

So, v0.0.9 is posted today.  It corrects this, and more thoroughly tests the throttle management code during cycling load changes.  A prime example:  late in the Acceptance phase, the battery is only taking in 30-40A.  Then the dryer heater comes on, pulling VBat down, and looking for the full 120A+ from the alternator.

With v0.0.9 I have the desired response   Slow ramping up of the PRM, quick to bring the engine to Full Throttle, and slow to reduce it back down.

I also changed the PWM frequency from 488Hz to 122Hz.  This was a long standing item, as what I read - alternators do NOT like PWM greater than 400hz, something about Saturating the Field and reducing efficiency.

I am looking to run v0.0.9 for some time now and will continue to look for refinements   Plus, need to think about the tuning variables for the PIDs and the system itself.  But I am in the tweaking phase, not coarse adjustment phase.  I will also try to spend some time updating the blog.  I know there are a few stubs in place, and I need to update the Hardware section as well.

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