Thursday, April 11, 2013

Posted source for Integrated Remote

This morning I posted the source for the Integrated Remote, the one which can use a standard LCD as opposed to the specific one-sourced part previously used.

I also made a change to the parts list for the remote, adding an optional  RJ-45 connector -  Mouser part number: 538-42410-8314    

This part has the CAT-5 cable coming out the back as opposed to the side, and could help with clearance issues and cable routing.

Now that I have finished this, I think I could have just as well done using I2C I/O expanders - the Arduino CPU really is not doing very much work, and the extra burden on the  controller's CPU would have been small (considering I throttle the LCD update rate).  But it is done, and perhaps someone can find other uses for this design.

This new remote also includes an optional RTC to allow for timed based generator starts,  block out periods, etc.  Nothing has been added to the controllers source yet to enable those features - but the hardware capability is there.  If someone is interested in using this feature, feel free to modify the controller code, or drop me an Email if you wish - it would be interesting, but until someone needs it I am perhaps going to take a break in adding Features!

And speaking of features, I might add in some way to select different generator modes from the remote.  Perhaps adding a slow-speed 'quite' mode.  Possibilities are endless, but will need to think on the Users Interface some - and how to utilize the existing buttons...

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