Sunday, February 10, 2013

Notes from 2nd live run.

After simplifying the Stator Sensor to a single 1K resister and a 0.1uF cap to ground (plus the limiting diodes) the RPMs measurement is much more stable.  Eliminating the resister divider allowed RPMs to be measured at much lower field drive levels, while the 1K/0.1uf RC low-pass filter took care of the extraneous noise induced wacky high readings (like 6-7,000 RPMS).

Analyzing the resulting data I also found 3 programming errors, the largest was not updating the Watts calculation unless measured voltage changed.  This cause all sorts of instability and seems to be the cause of throttle hunting.

The next few days are calling for rain, if there is a break in the weather I will run out and upload corrected firmware and make some more runs.  But if the sky's do not dry up for a short period of time, we may have a Rain Delay...

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