Monday, February 11, 2013

Got in a few runs this morning, throttle hunting issue resolved!

Last night I found a bug in the code that sometimes would  prevent updating of measured watts. Given that the throttle control is based off of measured watts it is easy to see how things went downhill yesterday.

And even better:  This morning I was able to sneak in 3 runs before the rain hit.   And it works well!  No more hunting of the throttle.  Also refined my warm-up and cool-down stepping timing /  configuration values (this will need to be futzed with for each motor/throttle control setup..)

So, it looks like the major problems are resolved!   Well, at lease on these three very short runs.  But each run did go through:

  • Start engine, and slowly ramp up speed w/o load (warmup cycle)
  • Ramping up of Alternator load
  • Movement into Bulk / Acceptance Phase
  • Active management of throttle to match engine load
  • Stopping with slow-down during cool-down cycle, then engine stop.

These were very short runs as the batteries are fully charged, but was able to step through several engine / alternator phases and see the systems work well.

Later today I will look over the debug data and see if anything new pops out.  Then I will post an update to the source code on the blog.

Rain is predicted for a few days.  Once that clears up I will be able to make some longer runs and go from there.


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