Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oct 27, 2012 - Adding subsegment documentation

These past couple of days I have been adding in postings of the major subsections and their curcutes.  I also posted an inintal draft of hte remote control panel, though it might change some as time goes on - specificly the switches.

Been refining the Blog format to try and make it more workable.  It is so true that a Blog is perhaps not the best forum for documenting these types of projects, but it is what I settled on for now.

The schamatic is rather stable, at least until I can begine to mock-up some of thesections.  If any reviews has comments, or sees a problem - please speak up!  I know there are a couple of folks out there who check every once and a while, and perhpas with some new postingscan get some conversations going!

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