Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting close to ordering prototype

Yesterday I sent off an order to for the parts, and today I have been refining and double checking the PCB.  I am real close to pulling the trigger on ordering a PCB, this would make it simpler to debug the design as the parts come in, but then the PCB does cost a bit.

Today posted layout for current PCB as it sits.  AM leaning towards and their $33 / board special, even though Iwill end up with 4 PCBs due to not being in School!  (BTW, really give them credit for that $33 / board on-board deal for students.  Wow, if only I had that back when I was hot with the WireWrap gun!)

BTW:  I picked  Mouser over some of the other suppliers due to their web page - they have this great Excel Import feature for the BOM that makes it simple to just Uploa with ht a few clicks.  Did not see that at the other supply houses...

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