Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oct 26, 2012.

Have been spending a lot of time on this project over the past week.  Mostly cleaning up the schematic and  selecting parts / part numbers.  The initial parts BOM (less PCB and hardware) comes to under $50, not bad!  If you have been checking in, look to the scrubbed schematic as there are some small changes as well as errors corrected.  And the PCB layout also will now autoroute cleanly  w/o leaving any orphaned rats  (A danger of using  Ground Plains I noticed..  If a portion of the plain gets isolated, the auto router will not see that.)

I have also been investigating some simple things with the Uno board.  Such as an I2C connected LCD display (for the remote panel) and using the watchdog capability of the Amtel CPU.  Overall I think the software will be rather straightforward and perhaps will start on it later this winter.

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