Tuesday, June 3, 2014

revised release v0.3.0a files - scrubbed BOM

I kind of hate to do this, but figure not too many folks have pulled down the files I released yesterday.  if you have, go back and look for new ones," v0.3.0a"  (Note the small 'a')

I have been scrubbing the reference Mouser part numbers, as when I went to place a fill-in order I found that several of the components had changed, or were now only available in large quantities.   So, for the 'a' release I added in fresh new Mouser part numbers.  Good for today only. . . .

A comment on terminal strips:  There are several terminal strips uses, esp on the remote.  Rather then include individual ones I selected a single long one (36 position) that you can then cut to the length you need.  Same for the 2x strips used on the controller (expansion, ICSP, etc).  Just order one larger one, and in this note all the connectors are in a line next to each other, so no need to cut - just pull a row of pins between the expansion and ICSP positions and stuff.   Another reason for doing this as one connector is it assures good alignment between the two ports for any future expansion boards.

I also upgraded the 2N3904's to 2N2222 on the remote board.  Looking at different backlighted LCD, turns out the yellow/green backlight take upward of 180mA, getting too close to the 2N3904's 200mA limit.  2N2222 have a 600mA limit with good Hfe.

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