Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Breaking the Engine, wait - no ---

-- that's Breaking-in the engine!

At a suggestion, I added a new #define:


the idea is to adjust the controller in ways that will help the engine during its first few hours of operation.  Kind of like a new car cautioning you to not go above 70 MPHs, or use more then half throttle for the first 300 miles (or what-every they say these days in new cards).

To enable the Breaking-in mode, uncomment the above #define in the configuration .h file.   So far the behaviour changes I have are limited:
  • Reduce engine load to 50% of its capability at all RPMs
  • Prevent co-operation of Alternator and Water-maker, only power one or the other.

This is a compile / flash option, perhaps down the road I will work harder on the remote module to perhaps allow more configuration via the remote vs. having the re-compile each time.  But that will be down the road some...

Look for this new capability when I post the next revision of Source.  And if you have any ideas of other limits to add, please let me know..

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