Thursday, September 12, 2013

Transfer of Technology - Load Dump

This summer I have been working on a Stand Alone - Alternator Regulator only project.  Built upon this DC Generator code, it removes all the engine control logic while retaining the monitoring of Volts AND amps - and is an open source /  Arduino code base  as well!

One of the benefits of this Regulator Only project is being able to back-port improvements to the DC Generator design.  A prime example is Load Dump - though with my smallish Alternator the PID logic was able to handle Load Dump situations in the DC generator, PID was not fast enough for rein-in larger alternators.  Ala, the 270A one on Viking Stars main engine.  

So, today I improved the regulator code adding in Load Dump detection and associated Field PWM pullbacks.

And you can be sure this code will make its way into the DC Generator's code base - just as appropriate changes in the DC generator source are ported into the stand alone regulator code base.

To learn more about Load Dump and how I addressed it - click here:

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