Monday, August 26, 2013

Nope, not the Final version…

And I just add a little bit here, . . . . 
Just cannot stop playing…   Over the past few weeks I have been tuning the PID parameters around the EGT, smoothing it out much more.  I also added some code to self-correct the regulator in cases where there was an over-temperature situation (EGT, Engine, Alternator).  I found while looking at the EGT limited conditions, the EGT PID would work to take the engine load down, but then once the temp had cooled off the Watts PID would turn around and apply the same level of loading that created the over-temperate situation in the 1st place!

So I added in some code to apply a derating factor to the target watts every time the engine showed temperate stress (coolant, and/or EGT).  I did the same for the alternator, but derated the target Amps instead.  (I put the same modification into the stand alone alternator code as well)

Also added in a new ‘function’ to allow for oil-pressure priming, for example after changing the engine oil.  All I do is spin the starter with the fuel cut-off until the Oil pressure builds.   But I am going to have to figure out some way to select that from the remote, right now it can only be accessed via the Debug port.  And speaking of that, it is yet another reason that I likely will be refining the code between the controller and the remote, to allow for alternative starting patterns…  But THAT will be a Winter project.

Not posting the revised source just yet, will wait in case (for when. . . ) I find some other small things to futz with.

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