Saturday, February 9, 2013

1st live run!

Today we gave it the real Smoke Test - Electronics and Engine.   Here is a raw video:

What you will see is the following steps:

  1. Pre-start 'bump'.  This is unique to my setup as I found some times the water pump sticks, bumping it frees it up.
  2. Throttle moves to 'idle' position
  3. Engine is started.
  4. Engine ramps up speed
  5. Alternator load is applied (Video does not show this well, sorry).
  6. Stop is requested, load is removed and throttle starts to slow-down.
  7. About 1/2 way through the cool-down I request a Stop-Now, and engine is immediately stopped.

That is it!  Have a couple of issues - there is another phantom power path via the ~START FET protection diode.  Yet another reason not to use the Low Drive for the Starter.  (And I will need to think about this for the Low-Drive revision on the PCBs...).  For now, D17 needs to be removed.  (Or make sure the unit at all times has +BAT connected when ever the other side of the ~START relay is connected to +12v.)

Other problems mostly are around the RPM measurements.  Of course stability needs field drive, but I have noted a couple of measurements way out of the park.  And there IS some level stator output at no Field drive, maybe can take advantage of that???    More to come.

I also noted the throttle changes are a bit coarse   These are all configurable via parameters in the include file, once things settle down I might look to change these to a finer steps.  And likely shorten the cool-down cycle.

But the use of current draw to decide the motor has started works GREAT!

And overall I would say things worked not so bad for a 1st run.  (And not one puff of smoke!)

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