Saturday, December 8, 2012

Updates to Source Code -- rev 0.0.3.

If you have been watching you might have noticed the source code has been changing every 7-10 days.  I have been making small improvements over these days when I feel bored:  correcting errors, filling out functions (ala LCD display screens), etc.

Tonight I posted rev  0.0.3 - this version mostly focuses on increasing readability of the code, as well as improving the OneWire functions   The former is mostly by moving inline code from the main Loop() function into callable subroutines, while the latter is the additional of a boolean array where each oneWire sensors is checked during startup to see if it appears to be present and working.

On the 16th we will be heading to Portland where the PCBs and parts should be waiting at our mail-drop.  Once I get them and return to Friday Harbor I will start actual hardware integration and debugging!

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