Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Source Code rev 0.0.4

Tonight I posted another revision to the source code, still pre-production (and pre-hardware), but have been making changes to add functions  improved reliability, and correcting errors I find while 'simulating' the software by running in Debug mode on an Arduino.

This version primary adds throttle control to the logic.  I smoothly take the throttle up while starting, and once the charger enters Float Mode, it will back down on the throttle to accommodation the lower load being placed on the Kubota.  I also corrected the RPM calculation function, and added in some configuration parameters to make it easy to adapt to different alternators and pulley ratios.
Next week we travel to Portland for the holidays, and the PCBs and parts are waiting for us at our mail-drop.  Upon returning in January, will begin assembling the hardware and then can make some real progress!
And a side note:  I use wordpad in winXP  to edit the source file.  If you open the file, best to use the same to preserve formatting and spacing.

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