Friday, September 30, 2016


Last year I changed out the alternator on our DC generator for a larger frame Leeve Neville alternator - and at the same time reduced the drive ratio to 1:1, which resulted in a noticeable gain in overall efficiency (See prior post).

Well, today I received a new alternator that I am interested in testing to see if additional gains can be made:

Nice and Clean!

Note the square wires, and how close the are.  

It is a 220A, 138.5 (larger frame) Desno Hairpin alternator.   Configured for installation on Cummins 5.9L diesels as an option on some Dodge light trucks.

I am unable to locate RPM/output curves for this unit, though data from one of the people using my Alternator Regulator shows they have a very fast cut-in.  And I need to think about the drive belt - to keep it at the 1:1 ratio, increase it, change it to a rubbed belt..  Some more thinking to do.  But I am looking forward to a winter project and see how this baby works out!


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