Sunday, July 6, 2014

v0.3.1 design posted

Though it has been up there for a few days, today I am announcing the availability of v0.3.1 design in the links above.  This includes CAD files, parts lists, etc...

This release resolved the fatal issue in v0.3.0, and represents the group build status.   One thing to point out:  The design  and PCB for the remote LCD is largely unchanged between v0.3.0 and v0.3.1, either board will work, though I did refine some component values (ala the I2C pull-ups), so just use the 0.3.1 BOM for the latest.

There is one oddity with v0.3.0 LCD remote, and this is in the the support for the optional low-cost China CR2032 battery holder.  The pins are a little off, and one needs to shift the socket a little when installing it, like this:

Offsetting Chinese CR2032 battery holder

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