Saturday, May 24, 2014

KiCAD Lib find!!!

One of the biggest issues with perhaps any CAD tool is establishing the Libs.  My experience with KiCAD has been no different, with holes in the parts and some out right errors..  I have spent a lot of time not only confirming the footprints in the default libs, but also adding new ones of my own.  I can do the 2D stuff, but for 3D images I have not gone too far into how...

Today I was looking again for some 3D images to make my 'drawings' look nice, and stumbled across this:

All I can say is:  WOW.     This is a ton of work.  The few modules and libs I have looked at are all good quality.  And they are complete as well as integrated, from the schematic to the PCB and on to the 3D images.  A ton of work has gone into scrubbing the default KiCAD libs, and augmenting them. He has the RM-42 Bluetooth modules, and even some vacuum tubes!   All I can say is:  For anyone working with KiCad, this is solid Gold..

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