Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The New PCB is here!

Just now I picked up the fab of rev 0.2.3 PCBs.  Advanced Circuits sure does a nice looking job.

Main features:

  • Improved assemblability - moved from SMD Diodes to Through Hole.
  • And added in DIP option for the INA-220's.  The FAB includes 10, count them 10!, daughter cards that one can try out until getting it right!
  • Support for HIGH or LOW Drive alternators
  • And integrated remote that uses another Amtel CPU for I2C to LCD support.  Allows use of generic LCD displays (as opposed to single source), and the physical packaging is much neater.  Also has  room for an option RTC in case one wants to implement time / date based auto-start modes.
That funny looking board to the top right is not really related to this project.  It is a small alarm board I made to monitor high water and main engine overheating and will mount to the right of the Generator controller on the remotes front panel.

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