Monday, March 18, 2013

Controller code 0.0.7 posted

This morning I posted revision 0.0.7 of the source code.  As mentioned, it is working very well.

See the Files links above for the code, and details about revisions.  Some highlights:

  • Changed from Wordpad to simpler editor.  Wordpad was just playying too much with spacing and tabbing, and started to be inconstant in that playing   Now things line up nicely using Notepad, and/or Arduino editor.
  • Improved sampling of RPMs and management of cool-down throttle control.
  • Added pre-start warning buzzer and throttle up/down cycle.  Trying to reduce potential for injury during starting.
  • Added ability to 'stop stopping' during cool-down.  If user presses START_GEN or START_WM twice, the 'stopping' will terminate and system will go into ramp mode.

Am looking at the hunting and cycling during acceptance phase, see next post for more details.  Over this week will be adjusting configuration parameters to see if I can reduce this cycling / hunting effect.

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