Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Source V0.0.5 posted

Today I posted a major revision to the Source Code (See Source Code tab in the above Link to Files section).  This was the 1st release which has been debugged on actual controller and LCD hardware, though only using the Generator Simulator.  However, many functions were debugged, timings verified, and some features added.  The next step will be to connect up actual generator hardware for further refinement.

This time I posted the files in two forms:

  1. Complete Source in a .txt file - for simple viewing in one editor.  (This is the master form I am using)
  2. Source separated into two files:  a .ino file which contains most the source and a .h file which contains configuration variables likely needing to be modified for each different deployment.

The 2nd form is contained in a common sub-directory that can be copied into your Arduino 'sketch' space and used directly in the Arduino programming environment. 

A side note on editors:  I have been using the WinXp Wordpad editor for writing this source, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  When viewing the source in the Arduino editor, much of the spacing and tabbing is off...

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