Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pluggin in parts!

Like a 10 year old on Christmas Morning, I just could not hold out any longer.  So yesterday I started assembling one of the PCBs and got most the BIG parts installed.

Am pleased so far, and have had few issues.  Did notice a couple of small issues with the Silk Screen - ala the part numbers for the Field Drivers silk screen did not get updated.  And two more serious issues:

  1. Mounting holes on the remote PCB do not align correctly with the LCD.  ARG!  I had wanted to make a stacked arrangement, but they are WAY off.  Really not sure what happened, but it is what it is.
  2. More serious:  Trace width for part of the switching 5v regulator is too narrow.  Will need to add some hand wired jumpers in parallel with two traces.  Easy enough to do and they are under 1/4" each.

As I finish things up I will post a PCB 0.1.3 errata documenting all issues I have found, and also make changes for a new release of the PCB design.  Will also post a commented combined parts order .xls file with Mouser part numbers   The great think about Mouser is they can import the .xls file into an order - no typing needed!   But want to 1st get through at least assembling one board and see what else turns up.

And speaking of assembling PCBs.  I had to order a min of 4x units.  Yesterday I sent one off to someone who wants to try and use this as well - and on a 48v system to boot!   If someone else is interested in one of the remaining PCBs, drop me a line.  

Today I will start on the harder Surface Mounted parts.  Looking at the Diodes I think they will be OK, but I am still really not looking forward to those INA-220s. . . . .

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