Sunday, January 27, 2013

Low Drive Adapter for v 0.1.3 Controller board

This morning I did a quick design of a daughter board that can be used to adapt the current HIGH drive controller board (ver 0.1.3)  to a LOW drive.  The reason one might want to do this is to be able to control alternators which use a different field voltage then the other components.  e.g.:  a 48v alternator with a 12v starter, fuel pump, etc. is used.

Just mount this to a heat sink and connect the appropriate wires.   And this, btw, is the final drive that I am revising the PCB artwork to.  Not only is it low drive, but I also selected higher voltage FETs.  Note the new wire:  Flyback - connect this wire to the + side of your field to allow for the clamping diode to work.

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