Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some more timing

Quick update,

I have been looking at using the revised I2C libary (http://dsscircuits.com/articles/arduino-i2c-master-library.html) and how to use it for the LCD display.

it is a little more work, at least at this time, as I am using more 'raw' type of I/O's as opposed to modifying the whole LCD lib for the new I2C approach.  Example the old way:

                          lcd.print("hello, world!");

is replaced with this two step approach:

           char ptr[]  = "Hello World";

I still need to work on this, one question is memory allocation and where the string gets placed in the newer approach.  (Amtel has limited RAM, would not want to fill it up with text!)

But the good news is, the 100 loops now only take 206mS!

I also have been roughing in some of the main program.  Got a long ways to go, but am almost completed with the main-loop and INA220 support.  After I get a final 1'st cut of the source, will post it.

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